Public Speaking – Everyday Problem

Even though you may daily see people routinely give presentations and lectures for work or school, they have problems with the idea of standing in front of other people while talking. With these problems, then come problems with the expressing real quality or professionalism of their knowledge or work.These problems can be minimized if you pay attention to master the most common problems of public presentations.

Usual sources of problem with public performancePerformance

Fear , the most known problem to us all. This is a natural nervousness, a natural condition that we all have. Symptoms like sweaty palms, racing mind, fast heart beats are all natural signs before a big presentation. Also, a very common feeling connected to symptoms like hot and cold flushes and a tight chest is called anxiety. This feeling can get to be very intense and lead to short breathing state called a panic attack. The problem that can appear a night before your big day where your mind is just racing with thoughts about your speech is known as insomnia. This “overthinking” leaves you sometimes with no sleep at all.

Lack of attention to audience, not paying attention to know their age, culture,current level of knowledge on your topic can be of great importance of successful presentation. Not relating your material to these factors or even not making eye contact or reading their expressions can lead to disaster. Often problem people are not aware of is an organization which is very important in many sorts of work or parts of everyday life.

Here we are talking about the organization to know your introduction, few basic and most important points through presentation following to very well conclusion at the end. Not practicing speech enough in full to improve word flow and project enthusiasm comes from lack of preparedness.Often happens that people don’t pay attention to ensure text meets time requirements. Lack of time management often leads to panic in most important moments of performance. Expressing emotions can be a real problem for some people, as writing, body language or talking with other people and in this aspect emotional intelligence as such is of big value. Good control over your emotions and using them is very important in expressing yourself.


SpeakingSometimes simple things like breathing techniques or tension-relieving exercises can solve problems like nervousness or stress. Be confident, positive and energetic. Let the audience participate, let it be a two-way relation if possible. Use gestures naturally and speak clearly, no need to rush if you made good time requirements.If you may choose a topic you are fond of and become an expert on it, prepare it early and practice it as more as possible.Often you can hear that public speaking and performance becomes fun if you do it often enough. As they say,  practice makes perfect, so go and get it. And remember really big names as Bruce Willis and Julia Roberts had big issues to overcome on their way to success.