Workshops That Can Help You To Overcome The Fear Of Public Performance

People think that singing is the hardest thing when it comes to actual singing. The thing is that this process is much more complicated. There are a lot of obstacles you need to overcome to begin a real professional. Most of are students have a fear of public performing. Here in the center of New York, we decided to create the atmosphere that can help you to prepare student or adult person for any public performance. Some people survive a bad experience, and after that, they never manage to recover enough strength and self-confidence to perform again. It is the main reason why we work on preventing this kind of situation to happen at the first place.How we manage to prepare a person for public performing?

Experiment with the mirror

Mirror-speakingFirst of all, we like to put our students in front of the mirror and ask them what they see in front of themselves and who. The next thing that we ask from them is to sing and to look themselves right in their eyes. Then we asked them to continue with singing only with eyes completely closed. Usually, this is the moment when we quietly let the other students from the group enter the room. This is the moment where only highly concentrated singers remain still and focused. We use this experiment with every single student at the very first beginning.

Result of this experiment

Thanks to this experiment we can see what kind of self-opinion has this person, how confident he or she is and how focused on singing this person is. After this experiment, we know all the weak sides of our beginner we need to know. Here we see what our student’s qualities we need to improve, what obstacles we need to overcome.

Interactive workshops

WorkshopsWe like to see how our student will act in as much as the various possible situation. Therefore, we are organizing workshops and combine them with all possible scenarios. Singing is the least problem here, believe it or not. In most cases performing in public is the essential problem of every student. They are terrified of the fact that they can embarrass themselves in front of the crowd and this fear usually ruins their vocal skills. Once they overcome this fear, they are becoming better and better. Working in a group helps them to overcome it. Usually, we organize students to sing with the group of 5 people, and then we ask them to sing without anyone until we get to a capella and make them completely independent. The same principle is with acting in public. It is the same type of fear, and the same methods can help you to overcome it.